Doing the time warp again!

Magenta Timewarp 2

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in its first run at the Fugard, then you’re in luck because it’s back in Cape Town and ready to get everyone doing the time warp again.

Eastern Acoustics has played an integral role behind the scenes of the show to ensure that record number of audiences attending get the best sound possible. Being a technically intensive show, Eastern Acoustics flew in personnel from the UK to assist with the latest TIMAX Software technology. To date, Eastern Acoustics is the only company in Cape Town, if not South Africa that uses this technology.

The show has been met with crucial acclaim by audiences and the media alike, and was picked up for a run in Johannesburg. What sets this show a part is the technology behind it, particularly the surround sound and the use of imaging in a way that has never been done elsewhere.

Make sure to get yourself to the Fugard Theatre for a great time of audio-visual splendor.

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