Taking to City Hall for Open Design


A festival can be a complicated and technically intensive project, particularly in a space such as Cape Town City Hall. With the Open Design Cape Town Festival, which EA did for the first time last year, the variety of goings-on and the different activities meant that we had to be at the top of our game to ensure we had it all covered.

With the event space being our primary station, we assisted in getting various tech into the other areas like the exhibition space and the movie house. What this meant for us is that we received great reviews for not only being efficient, but showing that we can do quick turnaround between different events – regardless of the variety of technical specifications for each event.

This year, EA is once again decking out Open Design Cape Town, and with the event growing each year, we’re looking forward to honing our skills with the new challenges that we’re sure will be part of this incredible event.

Open Design is taking place from 13-23 August 2014 at Cape Town City Hall and other city venues. www.opendesignct.com

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