Founded in 1980s, Eastern Acoustics is a Cape Town-based audio-visual company working with international quality equipment and to global standards specialising in both large and small-scale conferences, theatre, concerts and festival.

Our business

Eastern Acoustics is rated a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, gaining a value-adding recognition score of 135% through Kbongbee, a SANAS-accredited verification agency. Eastern Acoustics’ Level 1 B-BBEE status is reflective of a gender-diverse workforce comprising approximate 90% of historically disadvantaged individuals, represented across all tiers of management and all levels of technical skills to constitute its face and voice. This speaks directly to the diverse ethos of Eastern Acoustics and our belief that diversity is the cornerstone on which South Africa thrives.

Our business

Our founding history

The history of Eastern Acoustics is a proud and diverse one. It starts all the way in the 1970s, when Akhbar Khan was still a student, but enamored with the sounds of South Africa, from the struggle songs that captured that time to the haunting music that mirrored a country in turmoil.

In the 1980s, Akhbar (or Aki as he was to become known) took the role of a teacher at Oaklands High School where, along with the students who believed their words and music would change the tide, led the school band through many restless years as they sang songs of protest and songs of hope. It was in this time that Aki began to understand the power of sound and its where his need grew to create beautiful sound.

By the time the 1990s rolled in, Aki was deeply engrossed in the arts, and by 1997, his own wife handed in his resignation, official designating him a sound man. What followed was the start of Eastern Acoustics Live and the journey to creating the perfect sound and the start of Eastern Acoustics ProAudio, patiently working over 10 years to allow people to grow their love of sound in the way Aki’s had grown.

Our founding history

Our mission

Our mission is simple: To attain immaculate sound quality to rave reviews through:

  • Provising excellent technical expertise, and offering state of the art technology
  • Becoming an innovator in service provision through the creative flair of using it properly
  • Employing staff that are competent, passionate about excellence and up-to-date with latest developments
  • Developing people from designated groups
  • Empowering sraff through training and development measure that aim to ensure their full ultisation
  • An impeccable track-record of customer service and delivering services above and beyond what’s expected
  • Being a company defined by our contribution to the community and empowering the youth
Our mission

The Team

Akbar “Aki” Khan

Aki has a wealth of experience in term of organising events and providing an Audio Visual Technical solution; a passion and competence he has passed on to a young, creative and talented team of engineers. Aki’s intimate knowledge and experience of the South African cultural, musical and resistance landscape provided Eastern Acoustics with a technical edge as a supplier; not only can Eastern Acoustics provide World Class Technical Service, but are skilled in their application within the varied and rich heritage of South Africa’s artistic and musical genres.